As our Data Science Manager, Alonzo brings to The Terra Fund a significant track record of more than ten years in partnering with business stakeholders to understand their goals in developing methods by using data, statistics and business models. He has vast knowledge in data modeling processes, creating algorithms and predictive models to extract data to streamline standard business processes and internal systems to improve company efficiencies and organizational impact to support Terra in our social impact goals. His primary responsibilities at Terra include interpreting social impact data, analyzing the relationship between impact and current industry trends, where this leads to more accurate socially responsible models and developing key metrics with investments to achieve sustainable solutions.

Alonzo has pronounced experience working in a wide range of environments, where he functioned in both the private and public sectors, developed markets with big data, agile software development and applies predictive power of unique data sources to support operational management. Similar to his role as Data Science Manager at The Terra Fund, he was a Team Leader for the Global Business Services Private–Public Sector at IBM, where he performed the function of advanced business analytics and optimization and managed predictive models to improve productivity in workflow. He then progressed to Manager of Advanced Business Analytics and Optimization at IBM, where he managed the creation of data regression models using analytical data modeling, examined data mining algorithms to deliver insights and implemented action–oriented solutions to complex business issues.

Alonzo attended The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Cultural Studies, he then went on to obtain a Credential of Readiness from Harvard Business School Online, where he took courses comprising of Business Analytics, Financial Accounting and Economics for Managers and furthered his formal education at Harvard University with a Masters in Data Science Management.