Andy brings over 30 years of experience in the financial industry to The Terra Fund as a Global Markets Manager, where he possesses a vast knowledge of the financial markets and has successfully monitored, analyzed and forecasted significant trends in the marketplace in various capacities as a team member or as an individual. His responsibilities include managing and making decisions on investments included in the fund and ensuring expectations of Terra and clients are met and/or exceeded while keeping them informed on market conditions, economic trends and the current health of Terra. His experience in financial advising and analytics, along with his knowledge in management and business development will produce the growth and the social impact of Terra.

His financial prowess has in part been developed through time in the pharmaceutical industry – a diversifying experience garnered under various capacities as a Managing Director, Vice President and Partner at Calvert Research Institute, where he worked securing capital for drug research and development. Similarly, he played a vital role in establishing the sales force at Calvert Laboratories, creating a solid financial base to enable the laboratory in becoming a leading pharmaceutical research company. He also served as President of Triangle Bank, Senior Vice President and Triangle Area Manager of Branch Banking and Trust Corporation, where he garnished an extensive background in corporate financing.

Andy also serves as President at Carolina Securities, and with his extensive knowledge in corporate funding, his experience progresses across numerous industries including biotechnology, technology transfer, financial management, business development, mergers and acquisitions, banking and fundraising. He brings this experience to Terra, and he has distinguished himself as an expert in corporate relationships and is passionately involved in making decisions for the funding of companies in emerging economies, where his efforts and collaboration with other investment specialists has brought engagement and accelerated growth in multiple countries.

He is a graduate of East Carolina University with a background in corporate leadership and financial management, and has undertaken the Young Executive Program at the University of North Carolina and the School of Banking at South Louisiana State University. He also holds licenses from the American Institute of Banking and FINRA series 7, 63, 65, 23, all of which pertain to investment advisory and the distribution of financial products.