Serving as The Terra Fund’s Director of Strategic Programs, Brett oversees and develops the implementation of programs and projects supporting Terra’s mission, vision, and long–term goals. He is an experienced and proactive entrepreneurial leader with strong organizational, problem–solving, and transactional skills, as well as marketing, sourcing and client management capabilities. Brett has shown his abilities at Terra to analyze trends and capitalize on financial opportunities to improve the return on investment, while also establishing key decisions for Terra and our stakeholders. Furthermore, his experience in working in fast–paced and challenging environments has helped Terra overcome key decisions through his problem–solving, leadership and organizational abilities.

Brett’s work experience includes significant board experience in which he operated closely with other organizations regarding business strategy, capital structure alternatives, value enhancements and exits, and he has developed an extensive international relationship base within private equity, limited partner, hedge funds and the advisory sectors. He also has served on numerous organizational boards, both nationally and internationally, allowing him to gain additional experience from Prometheus Energy, GFS Corporation, LNG Silesia, Plasco Energy Group, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources and MetallKraft.

Prior to working for Terra, Brett served as the Directing Manager for Black River Asset Management, where he provided leadership in portfolio management, rationalizations, operations, investor relations and internal reporting. While also serving on several boards, he aided the organization by sourcing investments and raising capital through working closely with their management teams on growth strategies. After Black River, Brett founded Visby, LLC where he provides merchant banking consultation for middle market companies, entrepreneurs and investors, specializing in the development and execution of value maximizing strategies.

Brett’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Business in Finance from the University of San Diego and a Master of Business of Administration in Finance and Strategy from the University of Chicago, where he graduated Magma Cum Laude. At the University of San Diego, he participated in their internship program where he completed both an internship with Amoco Strategic Planning and a consulting project with Snap–On Inc, providing him the knowledge and experience to complete his studies.