Bryan is a detail–oriented finance professional with multiple years of experience in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and stimulating bottom–line growth as the Director of Economics for The Terra Fund. His experience working with various small, medium and large businesses and financial corporations in Africa coupled with his expertise in the field of financial advising and consulting makes him a vital part of our team well into the future.

His proficiency in English and French, largely due to the work he has done across Africa makes him the ideal investment professional because of his ability to bridge the communication gap and offer advice to a wider range of clientele. His international exposure has also provided him with valuable experience pertaining to the functioning of the financial sector in a number of countries including Cameroon, Ghana and Ethiopia. With this history, he is able to offer investment solutions on the functioning of various securities including mutual funds, exchange–traded funds and other investment vehicles.

Throughout his career, he has worked with both individual families and trusts, corporate clients – mutual funds, hedge funds, public/private pension plans, banking institutions and governments. During this time, he has honed his technological, management skills and applied a variety of investment techniques and strategies of valuation and growth, to guide Terra on how to efficiently manage their investments. Furthermore, his educational background provides the strong technical and analytical finance skills necessary to excel in this field, including financial reporting, financial statement analysis, portfolio management and market trend analysis.

Bryan is a holder of both a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Banking and Finance from the Cameroon Christian University Bali – Cameroon and obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Financial Analysis from the University of Western Australia. With a notable financial academic background and a wealth of professional experience, he has quickly boosted his place as a vital part of our team and plays his part in pushing towards the intrinsic and future growth of Terra.