David is the President of The Terra Fund, bringing over 15 years of executive leadership, business and financial management, along with pharmaceutical development experience to the team. He provides oversight and technical support to the fund and the advisory board, through strategic planning, portfolio management, collaboration on business plans and evaluating the success of the fund in reaching targeted goals. He oversees the operation of the fund in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans, while making the most impactful decisions, where they can directly improve the long–term growth of sustainability. His extensive knowledge in economics and medical research is beneficial to Terra in finding financial solutions in emerging markets towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As president and principal inventor at LuTran, he directed a multitude of successful research programs responsible for improving efficiency and safety profiles to prevent, cure and manage the complications of debilitating viral diseases. He has developed multiple drug candidates, based on novel organic chemistries and anti–pathogenic compounds centered on inorganic chemistry with the potential to become breakthrough therapies for animal and human health. Furthermore, LuTran in collaboration with Magee–Womens Research Institute & Foundation are currently in development of a novel anti–HIV compound as a monthly dissolvable vaginal film for HIV therapy and prevention, where there is a critical need for the development of a novel delivery system for women as they account for nearly 50% of the people worldwide who are infected with HIV.

David obtained his Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management from the University of Portsmouth and an MBA from the University of Chichester. David’s goal, like Terra’s, is to improve humanity and the standard of living by applying science and philanthropy, to create opportunities for communities by progressing impactful results for health, infrastructure, education and environment in a sustainable approach.