The Director of International Development at The Terra Fund is occupied by Denise where she is responsible for identifying investment opportunities meeting objectives of investment in terms of relevance, policy impact, quality, capacity building as well as relevance to the overall mission of Terra’s growth objectives. She establishes contacts, exchanges strategic information with international institutions leading to an overall identification of the necessary research development. She possesses knowledge and passion on global finance where this helps her in building relationships across different cultures and with different levels of management within brands, regions and functions. Her extensive analytical capabilities in market–driven and data research has identified and defined market opportunities by monitoring performance and process improvement for vital investments at Terra well into the future.

Previously at Prill Construction, Denise was a Corporate Accountant where she provided support during the monthly cycle and compiled and recorded results to the general ledger. While at Prill, Denise also analyzed financial results, prepared flux analysis reports and provided forecasting and accounting system implementation between corporate offices and departments. Furthermore, she researched highly complex accounting issues to identify their root causes, evaluated new policies and procedures for operational and control impact and mitigated financial risk factors. In supporting the policies at Terra, she is engaged with industry experts, development partners and nongovernmental organizations to gain insights into the technical aspects of investment product distribution and has accelerated the development of Terra as a socially impactful firm.

Denise is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the prestigious Santa Clara University in California and she is also currently pursuing a Master’s in Management at Harvard. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, yoga, drawing and also mentors students at Harvard with career paths, as well as provide guidance, motivation and tutoring support.