Goncalo is a Portfolio Manager at The Terra Fund where he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team with close to a decade of experience in sales and financial analysis. As a portfolio manager, Goncalo provides investors with beneficial investment strategies and ensures the clients expectations of Terra are met and/or exceeded while keeping them informed on market conditions, economic trends and the latest investment opportunities. His experience in both finance and sales creates a cohesive combination of knowledge ideal for building robust and healthy portfolios for Terra and their clients.

Before becoming a portfolio manager for Terra, Goncalo worked in sales at Jack Wills for two years, then moved on to work as a senior investment analyst for Tavistock Wealth, where he worked predominantly with AIM–listed organizations on the London Stock Exchange, which have attracted over a billion dollars since 2014. While there, Goncalo assisted the firm towards adopting ‘doughnut' economics, which places a major emphasis on tying together social and environmental concerns while recognizing economic growth cannot be done without thought to the longevity of the environment and human rights. During his time at Tavistock, he oversaw a significant increase in environmental, social and corporate governance investing, where it is estimated the continued interest in ESG investments will result in many trillions of dollars of demand heading into the 2020s. His drive towards making investment strategies in environmental, social and governance goals impacting both people and the planet is extremely valuable to the goals and initiatives at Terra.

Goncalo is an alumnus of the Windsor Boys’ School and attended the University of Brighton where, in 2016, he received his Bachelor in Business Management with a specialization in Economics. He maintains several licenses, including the Investment Advice Diploma from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment in 2019 and the Investment Management Certificate from the CFA Institute in 2018.