Hamid brings to The Terra Fund over 30 years of hands–on experience in financial development along with a social impact focus in developing markets, with international recognition in trade facilitation, development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), development of women in business and inclusive innovation. As a Senior Financial Advisor at Terra, he ensures the managers’ interests align with our social impact cause, advises on investment strategies and oversees management investing decisions through conducting assessments and evaluations on social issues in emerging markets. Furthermore at Terra, he advocates for inclusion and sustainability in financial services on a global scale in promoting education for unprivileged children, integrating green finance to provide access to finance minority groups and increasing local economic development.

Hamid has been a long–standing financial expert in international development and development finance, including as a Senior Economist at the World Bank Group, where he led the World Bank’s private sector development, SME access to finance and trade programs in East Asia, Middle East and North Africa regions and managed multi–billion dollar investments and institutional development operations. His work in over 70 countries has enabled him to apply his international experience to local circumstances and develop some of the most successful projects by working with governments, private businesses and donors around the world to create improved policy, regulatory and financing environments for private–sector growth and shared prosperity and by doing so, received awards and accolades for several of his path breaking programs.

In addition, Hamid has taught at the George Washington University School of Economics, University of Hawaii and the University of Maryland Graduate School of Management and Technology, is on the Board of International Advisors for Limkokwing University of Creative Technology with programs in nine countries and is on the Board of VCARE Canada. He has further founded Kube Waste Systems, Inc., where they developed one of the most innovative solid waste management products and is a founding investor of the First Virginia Community Bank, where they provide banking, credit, insurance, retirement and health savings account needs to communities, including low–income and moderate–income individuals to improve the accessibility to a more quality of life.

Hamid obtained certifications from Harvard University in Promoting Competitive Clusters in the Middle East and Regulatory Reforms for Public Private Partnership, has a Doctorate in International and Development Economics from George Washington University based in Washington, D.C., has authored several books and numerous articles in economics. He is also among the first seven original members of the Global Expert Team for Trade Facilitation and Logistics and is a key member and contributor to Global Facilitation Partnership for Trade Facilitation, a public–private partnership for trade–led growth, where they support governments in developing and least–developed countries in implementing the World Trade Organization's Trade Facilitation Agreement.