Kevin is a Senior Portfolio Manager at The Terra Fund, where he utilizes his extensive knowledge, along with his over 25 years of experience in the world of finance in managing large investments, as well as analyzing and forecasting trends in the capital markets. At Terra, his responsibilities include developing and guiding business units relating to portfolios across several different platforms and trading environments, performs fixed income trading, performance measurement, portfolio–level analytics and quantitative finance. His significant experience and expertise in finance bring with him a high level of efficiency and effectiveness in portfolio management, which he provides in–line with Terra’s social impact objectives and goals to ensure our long–term growth and expansion.

Kevin’s senior experience in the financial markets started as a Fixed Income Trader and Investment Officer at the Bank of America, where he was responsible for the analysis and trading of loans, as well as asset–backed and mortgage–backed loans and securities. He then worked in portfolio management, where he began his journey working at Prime Advisors Inc., as a Senior Portfolio Manager, moving to Vanderbilt Capital Advisors as Senior Portfolio Manager Head of Structured Products, then HBK Capital as Senior Portfolio Manager Head of Structured Products and then becoming Managing Director of Structured Products at Morgan Joseph TriArtisan LLC and Aperigon Capital. In the multiple positions Kevin held in portfolio management, he was primarily responsible for defining and developing core strategies, investment and asset selection, risk oversight, platform management, sector evaluation and managed debt capital market teams.

Furthermore, Kevin is also a Fixed Income Strategist Structured Products at KRJ Capital Advisors, where his unique understanding and knowledge of the capital markets, as well as his collaborative efforts with other investment specialists has accelerated KRJ’s growth in the management of portfolios. His work at KRJ also includes due–diligence oversight, utilizing proprietary models to value and price securities, oversight of distressed portfolios and is the liaison with private clients, banks, investment managers, attorney general and other government agencies, while also being a key person for business presentations and client relations.

Kevin graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor in Finance with a strong emphasis in Investment Management, Mathematics and Economics and has advanced skills with Bloomberg, Intex, Loan Performance, Yield Book and various other third–party providers. He is also a frequent speaker and moderator at national conferences, where he discusses the design and development of proprietary models for internal analytics, integrations of third party custom software and the intricacies of proprietary trading and brokering of treasuries, agencies, corporates and mortgages.