Marie–Christine is the Director of Social Impact Research at The Terra Fund, where she is an expert in the fields of science and business and merges her knowledge, expertise and talent to provide financial opportunities driving change. Fluent in English and French, she is bridging communication gaps between healthcare and business partners, engaging in socially responsible investments and providing investors with the knowledge and insight to make informed choices by demonstrating strong collaboration and continues to assist in developing and institute programs worldwide.

Previously, she showcased her expertise through publications and presentations having successfully secured funding for pharmaceutical research and economic development programs. As a scientist at Laval University, she is actively involved in designing and implementing curriculums to drive breakthrough technologies advancing the medical and environmental fields. Furthermore, she has been able to diversify her contribution to sustainable development by providing consulting advice on investment and industry opportunities in multiple fields, including chemical, computer, education, manufacturing and among other sectors.

Since partnering with Terra, her skills have quickly become a valuable resource to the team, by understanding the difficulties of acquiring grants and funding, she has helped nurture a new network of partners and opened doors to innovative opportunities in multiple countries. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals allows her to identify, quantify and position potential investments to institutions and corporations reinforced by scientific facts, as she utilizes her financial and business prowess to secure relationships and resources for Terra and our partners.

Marie–Christine attended the University of Laval and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and extended her education by attaining an Master of Science and PhD in the specialized field of cellular and molecular biology with a thesis on proteomic studies, she then went on to obtain an MBA in Corporate Social and Environment Responsibility.