As a Financial Analyst at The Terra Fund, Matthew is successful at using his years of experience of financial modeling and projections, and business valuation to predict and assess the performance of stocks, bonds and other financial investments, as well as make recommendations based on his assessments. Matthew’s skillset requires his ability to collect and analyze financial data and make portfolio recommendations; his past history has given him the ability to identify past, current and future economic and business trends. His forecasting talent makes him an invaluable analyst to Terra through his ability to create growth in clients’ portfolios by the examination of historical and future trends. He brings to Terra a decade of experience assisting startups with established business plans, raise capital, optimize performance and to make prudent investment decisions. His time in the industry has allowed him to gain experience in the creation of financial reports and research documents, business and investment analysis, market research and big data analytics.

While serving as an Equity Research Professional and an Investment Banking Analyst, he developed a complex financial model for startups and publicly traded companies which yielded positive results within the individual portfolios. As an Investment Analyst with the Madison Investment Group, he worked with over 100 startups, private businesses and public companies to provide sound and expert knowledge, where they concluded with securing successful funding from investors.

Matthew earned his Bachelor’s degree from Occidental College in Econometrics, where he learned quantitative application of statistical and mathematical models applying data to develop theories and test existing hypotheses in economics, thus allowing him to forecast effective future trends from historical data. He also maintains a CFA Level II Certificate, as well as a Financial Modeling Certification from Wall Street Prep, which covers financial statements, DCF, M&A, LBO and a vast array of trading/transaction models; he is also a candidate for the CFA Level III certification, where the certification focuses on portfolio management and wealth planning.