Noor specializes in finance and engineering and brings multiple years of professional, financial and engineering experience to The Terra Fund, where he assists Terra in navigating complex securities to provide investors stable returns, while also staying true to the mission of being socially and environmentally responsible. As a Financial Analyst at Terra, he brings a profound understanding of financial structures, analysis, environmental impact and technical analysis enabling Terra to discover and implement novel approaches in social sustainability through analyzing global markets to comply with Terra’s mission. The experience and skills Noor has obtained throughout his career have made him an expert in finance with emphasis on emerging markets, supporting economic growth, educational incentives and ecological developments.

He first started his career as an intern engineer at Eldas Test and Calibration Center where he tested electronic standards and advised clients on areas of improvements on electrical standards relating to safety. At Akcadag Contractors, a telecommunications company, he was as an electrical and electronics engineer where he contributed to fiber optic communication projects, provided the installation of fiber optics expansion and supported infrastructure to end clients. He transitioned from the engineering sector and into a finance role at Think Technology Consultancy were he advised clients on general advisory on their forex accounts, ranging from forex opportunities, risk management, growth potential and new strategies. Noor through financial consultancy, has also consulted on economic and financial analysis, financial systems data, equity research and with a combination of engineering and financial experience, he joined the finance team as an analyst due to his ability to contribute to Terra’s mission.

Noor was born and raised in Kenya and obtained his undergraduate degree at Middle East Technical University (METU) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, where he focused on electronic designs, telecommunications and electrical applications. During his time at METU, he was a volunteer coordinator at The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), a non–profit focusing on humanitarian relief and was also a news editor at Turkish Radio and Television. He passed his level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst, solidifying his role as an experienced financial analyst and has started a Master’s program focusing on corporate finance, portfolio management, risk management and financial analysis at Sabanci University.