Phuong is a Financial Administration Assistant at The Terra Fund and from her administration she has been involved directly in the research of large multinational organizations, where Terra can further analyze for long–term growth. She and her colleagues in financial management have become key contributors to investment strategies and have integrated business opportunities within Terra’s segment strategies in the US and worldwide.

Before her position at Terra, Phuong has been involved in finance at multiple companies with over 15 years of banking experience in Silicon Valley and Southern California. She was vice president and regional underwriting manager for six years at First Choice Loan Services and also worked for HD Consumer Financial where she was able to spearhead the approval of the company as a correspondent lender.

While working as consumer loan underwriter for First Savings Mortgage, she was principally in charge of analyzing credit applications in meeting investor guidelines, and during here time there, she had oversight for thousands of loan applications for approval. Her position also analyzed third–party research and delivered findings to executive management for decisions on investment opportunities throughout the financial markets.

Her diligence, result oriented approach, team player spirit and organizational management skills have placed her at the forefront of financial research for Terra. With her history as an accomplished executive with experience in operations, finance and product development, she is a tenacious leader with a proven background in banking and provides Terra with positive business results by identifying markets and developing business processes. Together with her colleagues, she continues to monitor and develop programs benefiting both stakeholders and employees of Terra with a sustainable approach.

Phuong attended the University of California, Davis where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, she furthered her academic studies by attending Kogod School of Business within American University where she also received her MBA in Finance.