As The Terra Fund’s Director of Emerging Markets, Rodolfo is skilled in multiple areas of business and marketing functions including financial analysis, corporate strategy, international relations, pricing and budgeting strategies, market strategies and market data analysis. Rodolfo’s extensive experience in both business and marketing strategies aids him in being successful in analyzing investments on the country–level to provide investment–specific considerations, where they drive risks and returns in emerging markets. His advisory functions include performing analysis, financial planning and to provide recommendations to management to achieve financial and operational goals for Terra’s long–term sustainable growth objectives, while also providing advice on pivotal decisions with the organization’s portfolio. Rodolfo also consults a team portfolio managers and research analysts at Terra who rely on him for decisions in the often volatile and rapidly changing emerging markets.

Prior to joining Terra, his international experience has provided him well–rounded knowledge in national and international markets in particular with the Latin American financial markets. At the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, through a research scholarship for international relations, he developed specific research agreements between International Universities and Research Centers in the development of exchange programs. At INCA Investments, he performed various financial analyses for operational and financial performance improvement as well as analyze financial metrics to help determine the course of action for financial decisions. Rodolfo was also a personal banker at Wells Fargo where he consulted high–net–worth clients ensuring their financial needs were met by analyzing current financial markets, as well as forecasting future market trends.

Rodolfo received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid Spain, where he received a research scholarship in international relations. The scholarship was instrumental in allowing him the academic freedom to pursue the development of specific research agreements between international universities, research centers and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.