Scott joined The Terra Fund as a Financial Advisor, where he provides business and financial education helping the team to collaborate and improve on developing workflows. With extensive knowledge in the financial industry from working with brokerage houses, wealth management firms, hedge funds and investment banks, he brings effective collaboration between team members, investors and potential prospects. Scott is also involved in the development and delivery of training of knowledge to share and educate our partners on the benefits Terra brings to the financial markets.

His prior work with financial institutions allowed him to obtain a wealth of experience and skills working with all levels of business, including the front, middle, back offices and managing teams. Furthermore, he provided oversight and guidance on multimillion dollar trades and transactions to identify potential risk, fraudulent activity and proper executions. Focused on managing time and resources to maximize utilization while staying within business constraints, he creates a work culture and atmosphere to empower the team, drive growth and opportunities. His flexibility and expertise in the financial and economic industry allows him to travel to business partners around the globe, offering support, improve efficiency and establish communication channels for business partners.

Since transitioning into the financial technology sector, he has built synergies between wealth managers, brokers and financial institutions, reducing costs and streamlining transaction processing time and operations. Scott is currently utilizing his financial, economic and financial technology expertise to improve productivity and educate on business enhancements within Terra.

Scott graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Management with a Minor in Economics and went on to obtain his financial licensing from the FINRA by obtaining the series 7, 66, 9 and 10 effectively allowing him to manage and direct security trading teams for brokerage firms.