Sean serves a vital role as Index Development Manager by bringing his vast knowledge of fixed income securities and business development to The Terra Fund. As index development manager, his responsibilities require a strong attention to detail and an advanced understanding of financial analysis, econometrics, finance and the ability to calculate complex problems. He analyses and calculates the optimal investments needed for the overall benchmark for the portfolio of funds, as well as coordinating with other development managers to identify and quantify potential solutions and business strategies by applying numerical data where they can be transformed into applicable statistics for Terra.

Sean first entered the financial sector as a financial analyst at the Boston Consulting Group, where he specialized in consumer survey analysis and extrapolated his findings to corporate organizational structures. While there he was also recognized as the most efficient analyst in the state of Texas by developing a system where this combined MATLAB, Bloomberg and Excel to create scripts were they were customizable to return reports including compound annual growth rate, volatility, maximum drawdown and recover time. After his time at Boston Consulting Group, Jason served as the Director of Quantitative Research and Co–Portfolio Manager at Tectonic Advisors, where he successfully held over a billion dollars in assets under his advisement.

Most recently, he is the Executive Director of the Oculus Institute, a comprehensive personal development company, where he has worked directly with thousands of different people, including entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives and professional athletes in order to demonstrate how an individual is capable of escaping burnout jobs in order to discover a career where this truly inspires them to reach their full potential.

Sean received his Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering from Rice University and has also served as a founder, equity hire and board member for multiple startups and nonprofit organizations. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling the world, playing mind games such as Chess or Backgammon and participating in CrossFit , mixology and Muay Thai.