Timea is the Director of Corporate Development for The Terra Fund and holds over 20 years of corporate and financial management experience in the fields of pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and software development. As a business entrepreneur with a concrete vision on improving the future of the medical industry, her talents are centered on the ability to innovate new concepts, communicate effectively, and negotiate with potential prospects to establish research solutions and investment opportunities. She provides clear direction and focus for Terra, helping to nurture our corporate identity and goals.

As a leader in project management, clinical studies and professional development, she has become a valuable asset consulting with corporations, institutions and philanthropists. The goal of her efforts allows her to secure funding for research and development programs designed to propel domestically and emerging economies. With a network of allies and partners nurtured through years of scientific studies, publications and services rendered for healthcare research, she continues to expand Terra’s presence internationally. Being fluent in both English and Hungarian permits her to effectively collaborate amongst diverse teams globally, accelerating new investment prospects, develop environmentally friendly practices and research opportunities.

After receiving her Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a specialization in chemical engineering and computational approaches for early phase drug discovery at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics; she went on to complete her postdoctoral training in biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology at Albert Szent–Györgyi Medical University in Hungary. While at school, she received a Master of Science in Chemistry, focused on computational approaches, along with a Master of Science in Molecular Biology. Timea’s extensive experience in business management and software development allows her to apply her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences to drive research and software development programs, while remaining focused on health promotion and disease prevention supporting the global emerging markets.